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Allergy Workup

RAST tests detect IgE antibodies in the blood against a specific allergen or mixture of allergens. Allergy profiles usually consist of the most common allergens for a particular population and geographic area. Typical profiles include:

  • Food allergens that are IgE or IgG mediated such as milk, egg, wheat, oat and soy.
  • Inhalant allergens such as molds, animal dander, dust mites and pollen.
  • Perennial allergens such as molds, animal dander and dust mites.
  • Regional allergens that are present regardless of the season. Common allergens in Kansas include oak, Timothy grass, June grass, ragweed, Lamb’s quarter, cat dander, dog dander, C. herbarum, Alternaria,and D. farinea.
  • Seasonal allergens such as trees in spring; grasses in summer; and weeds in fall.

Allergen test results are reported in IU/mL with a class rating of I through VI. Level I and II indicate low level activity, whereas levels IV through VI indicate high allergen activity.

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