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Centromere Antibody

A centromere is the specialized area of chromosome constriction during metaphase. Autoantibodies to centromere antigens are found in 22% of patients with progressive systemic sclerosis (PSS, or diffuse scleroderma) and in 90% of patients with the subset of scleroderma known as the CREST syndrome (Calcinosis, Raynauds, Esophageal dysfunction, Sclerodactly, and Telangiectasia). Centromere and Scl-70 autoantibodies are rarely present in the same serum. Twenty five percent of patients with Raynaud’s Syndrome have anti-centromere antibodies. They are also detected in 12% of patients with primary biliary cirrhosis, half of whom have clinical features of scleroderma.

This test is performed as part of the ANA and does not require a separate specimen.

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