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Creatinine Clearance

Clearance of endogenous creatinine is the most practical test of renal function. Decreased renal blood flow results in decreased clearance. Urine is levitra drugs for sale online collected for 24 hours and fda approved cialis a blood sample is collected during this collection interval. Serum and urine creatinine levels are measured and the creatinine clearance calculated using the following formula:

Urine creatinine x urine volume/Serum creatinine x minutes of duration = mL/minute

This value is then corrected for body surface area:

Creatinine Clearance =mL/minute x1.73 m2/Patient's surface area (m2)

The accuracy of cialis pill the buy canadian cialis creatinine clearance calculation depends on the accuracy of the urine collection. Twenty four-hour urine collections are considered optimal because they account for diurnal variation in creatinine clearance. The laboratory has added “grams of creatinine per 24 hours” to the creatinine clearance report. This calculation is valuable in determining if a 24-hour urine collection i

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