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Cryoprecipitate refers to the proteins that precipitate out of solution when a unit of fresh frozen plasma is slowly thawed in the cold at 1 to 6o C and then refrozen within one hour. Each bag contains Factor VIII, fibrinogen, von Willebrand factor, and Factor XIII suspended in 10 to 15 mL of residual plasma. Bags are stored at –180C or colder. Since several bags of online store viagra cryoprecipitate are transfused at a time, the transfusion service or blood center pools them into a sterile plastic transfer pack and we like it stores them at 20-24oC until administration. Cryoprecipitate outdates 6 hours after being thawed or 4 hours after being pooled. ABO compatible cryoprecipitate is desirable if large volumes will be transfused, but Rh compatibility is not important because no red blood cells are present. Cryoprecipitate should be infused through a standard blood filter at a rate of 4 to 10 mL/minute. At this rate, a pool of 10 bags can be infused in approximately 30 minutes. The risk of viral transmission

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