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Fungal Blood Cultures

Fungemia is a serious infection in immunocompromised and surgical patients. Fungemia comprises about 1.5% of all positive blood cultures. This number is increasing because of the greater number of immunocompromised patients and better detection methods.

Microbiology utilizes a continuously monitoring instrument for incubation of fungal blood cultures. Three to five mL of blood is collected in an SPS tube. The specimen is inoculated into broth media which lyses cells and thus improves isolation rates of fungi. Fungal blood cultures are maintained four weeks before a final report is issued.

Reference value is negative (no growth).

Specimen requirement is 3-5 mL of blood collected in an SPS tube. A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 blood cultures for fungus should be drawn one hour apart. Fungal blood cultures must be ordered separately from bacterial cultures.

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