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Hashtags for Clinical Pathology

Twitter has become a very active social media site for all subspecialties of Pathology.  Recently, Symplur published a list of Pathology Tag Ontology, which was developed by the USCAP Social Media Subcommittee. Pathology Tag Ontology is a standardized list of social media communication descriptors.

Originally, individuals interested in Pathology could just follow the #pathology hashtag. However, Pathology is an incredibly diverse specialty with many subspecialties and the content within a single hashtag became too voluminous to follow. This new list contains standardized hashtags for most subspecialties of pathology and laboratory medicine. Now it is much easier to follow specific disciplines and collaborate with your peers.  Below, I have listed the standardized hashtags that have been created for clinical pathology and laboratory medicine.

#labmed for laboratory medicine

#ClinPath for Clinical Pathology

#BloodBank for blood banking and transfusion medicine

#HemePath for Hematopathology

#MolDx for Molecular Pathology

#pathinformatics for Pathology Informatics

The complete list of standardized hashtags for Pathology can be found at:

Although they were not included in the standardized list, I also follow:





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