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Hematocrit is classically performed by centrifugation of blood in a capillary tube to determine the percentage of the volume of whole blood that is red blood cells. Hematocrit results reported by automated hematology analyzers are calculated from measured red cell counts and www.ondernemersklankbord.nl mean cell volumes (MCV). Automated hematocrits may be slightly lower than manual hematocrits. The source of buy cialis no prescription the blood sample may affect the buy levitra online viagra results; fingerstick hematocrits are often higher than venous hematocrits. Hemoglobin is a more accurate parameter than hematocrit.

The relationship between hematocrit and cardiovascular disease was evaluated in a recently published 34-year follow-up of 5,209 men and women in the Framingham study, aged 30-62 years at entry. Subjects with hematocrits in the highest quintile (49-70% for men and 46-65% for women) had an increased risk of death from all causes, and the highest morbidity and mortality secondary to cardiovascular disease. There was a significant relationsh

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