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Serum Creatinine During Pregnancy

A recent study determined gestational age specific creatinine values for women without antecedent kidney disease. A retrospective population-based serial cross-sectional study included women aged 16 to 50 years who had a singleton live birth at more than 20 weeks gestation between April 2006 and March 2015 and one or more outpatient measurements of serum creatinine concentration starting from 10 weeks preconception up to 18 weeks postpartum. The study included 361,945 creatinine measurements from 243,534 women.

The mean serum creatinine level was 0.68 mg/dL prior to pregnancy and began declining at 4 weeks gestation to reach a nadir of 0.53 mg/dL between 16 and 32 weeks gestation. After 32 weeks gestation, serum creatinine steadily increased to a peak of 0.72 mg/dL within a few weks postpartum. Serum creatinine returned to the mean prepregnancy level by 18 weeks postpartum.


Harel Z et al. Serum creatinine levels before, during, and after pregnancy. JAMA 2019;321:205-207.

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