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Proficiency Testing Policy

  1. Survey samples will be tested with the routine patient workload and by regularly scheduled personnel and never referred to another laboratory.
  2. Proficiency testing must be rotated among all technologists and technicians who normally test patient specimens.
  3. If there are multiple instruments that can perform the same testing, CAP survey results will be reported from the same instrument that patient results are reported.
  4. Results from various instruments/tests are never compared within the laboratory or outside the laboratory before results are reported.
  5. Pathologists will only review abnormal proficiency survey slides at one hospital.
  6. Technologists who work at more than one hospital should not perform the same proficiency testing at more than one hospital and should never discuss the results obtained at the other hospital.
  7. The Medical Director will review proficiency testing challenges that are not graded because of lack of consensus, or because the laboratory submitted its results after the cut-off date for receipt, failed to submit results, or made an error in completing the result form. Acceptability of the results will be noted on the report.
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