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Anaphylactic Reactions

Anaphylactic reactions can be associated with almost any type of blood component and buy cheap cialis soft are life-threatening.   Etiology: Absolute IgA deficiency ( < 0.05 mg/dL) or an IgA subclass deficiency puts a patient at higher risk of follow link having an anaphylactic reaction. Approximately 1 in 1200 people are IgA deficient. Such persons may form IgE antibodies against IgA. When anti-IgA antibody binds to IgA in transfused plasma, complement is activated and severe anaphylaxis can occur.

Although IgA deficiency is the most well known cause of anaphylactic reactions, other causes have also been reported.

  • The recipient may have preformed antibodies to transfused allergens, drugs or chemicals
  • Bedside leukoreduction of components for patients receiving ACE inhibitors
  • Transfusion of plasma or platelets to patients with Chido or Rogers antibodies
  • Accumulation of bioactive lipids, CD40 ligand and cytokines in stored products
  • Passive transfer of I

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