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Antibody Identification

If the antibody screen is positive, the specificity of the antibody is buy chinese herbal viagra identified by testing the serum against a panel of 8 to 20 Group O RBCs of varying phenotypes. The pattern of positive and cialis canada online negative reactions with these cells identifies the antigen against which the antibody is directed. Antibody identification is accomplished by the generic prescription viagra without “crossing out” method which consists of identifying each cell that is negative and crossing out all of cheap cialis overnight delivery the antigens present on that cell. The panel should also be observed to:

  • Determine if the antibody is stronger at room temperature, 37oC , or antiglobulin phase
  • Determine if the autocontrol is negative or positive.

From this information, one can determine:

  • Identity of the antibody
  • If the antibody is an alloantibody or alloantibody
  • If an autoantibody is cold or warm.
Antibody Panel Interpretation

Thermal characteristic


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