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Blood Culture Anaerobic

Many publications in the past few years have indicated that anaerobic bacteremias are not as prevalent today. In most hospital studies, the incidence of enter site clinically significant anaerobic bacteremia is less than 1%. Consequently, many experts recommend that anaerobic blood cultures be limited to cialis online pharmacy no prescription those patients with gynecologic or other intraabdominal infections that are associated with anaerobes. Routine adult blood cultures are inoculated to both an aerobic and soft cialis anaerobic blood culture bottle. In light of the literature recommendations, a review of blood cultures was done to determine the utility of anaerobic blood cultures at our hospital.Inpatient blood culture results were monitored for the first six months of 1997. During that time period, 70 routine anaerobic blood cultures were positive for 78 organisms. Twenty-one (27%) of these isolates were clinically significant aerobes that grew in the anaerobe bottle only. These included 6 Staphylococcus aureus, 5 Escherichia coli, 3 Methi

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