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Hepatitis A Antibody IgG and IgM

Hepatitis A vaccine is available to prevent hepatitis A infection in persons at high risk for the disease. Approximately 50% of the adult population have antibodies to hepatitis A virus due to previous infection. IgG antibody to HAV usually persists for lifetime, conferring immunity to further hepatitis A infections. Because of the high cost of the vaccine, some physicians prefer to test for hepatitis A antibody to assess the need for vaccination. The hepatitis A IgM antibody test, which is part of the acute hepatitis profile, is not useful in determining previous viral exposure. A test for total hepatitis antibody (IgG and IgM) should be ordered.If this test is positive and the person does not have any signs or symptoms of acute hepatitis, it can be assumed that they have protective levels of hepatitis IgG antibody.

Results are reported as positive or negative. The reference value is negative.

Specimen requirement is one SST tube of blood.

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