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Immature Reticulocyte Fraction

The reticulocyte count is an important indicator of levitra non prescription effective erythropoiesis. In healthy individuals, reticulocytes circulate in the peripheral blood for 1-2 days after being released from the bone marrow, before they lose sufficient RNA to become red blood cells. During periods of increased erythropoietic demand, reticulocyte lifespan in peripheral blood increases to 3 or more days, as a result of premature release of immature or “stress” reticulocytes from the bone marrow. The recent development of automated (rather than manual) reticulocyte counts has permitted more precise counting of reticulocytes, as well as an objective measure of reticulocyte maturity, based on their RNA content. It is now possible to precisely quantitate the proportion of levitra sales in canada all reticulocytes that is immature. This is termed the “immature reticulocyte fraction”, or IRF. It is calculated as a ratio of immature reticulocytes to viagra drug company the total number of reticulocytes. This parameter provides a ver

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