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Islet Cell Antigen 2 Antibody

Islet cell autoantibodies were the first markers of islet cell-specific autoimmunity applied to diabetes research. They are detectable in about 80% of patients with new onset diabetes mellitus. When they occur in high titer in unaffected individuals they indicate a 40 to 50% risk of developing type1 diabetes within five years.

Variability of assays between laboratories has led to confusion in the medical literature about the significance of islet cell antibodies. Not all patients with islet cell antibodies will develop hyperglycemia. The test is often negative at the time of diagnosis in children who develop diabetes before the age of 2 years. The test frequently becomes negative within 2 to 10 years after the onset of over disease. This assay should be considered a first generation test for anti-islet cell autoimmunity, whose usefulness has become debatable following the introduction of the assay for glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies (GAD65) antibodies.

Reference Value is negative.

Specimen requirement is one red top or SST tube of blood

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