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Questions to Ask Before Buying New Equipment

Evaluation of a new method or instrument must be completed prior to introduction into the laboratory. Timely and cheap sale viagra efficient completion of the evaluation requires a well thought out plan using clearly defined criteria.

The following information should be evaluated and found to be consistent with the laboratory’s operational goals before a method or instrument is considered for further evaluation.

How will the cialis usa test be used?

  1. How often is the test being sent to cheap cialis with fast delivery a reference laboratory?
  2. Will it become a standard of mail order viagra uk medical care?
  3. Is this an individual, departmental, or general medical staff request?
  4. Which physician groups will order the test?
  5. How many tests will be ordered per week?
  6. What is an acceptable turnaround time for inpatients and outpatients?
  7. Does the test need to be available on a stat basis?
  8. How would local availability of this test improve medical practice?


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