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Saline Washed Red Blood Cells

Saline-washed RBCs are units of whole blood or RBCs that have been washed with 1 to 2 liters of saline manually or in an automated cell washer. Washed units contain 10 to 20% less RBCs than the original units. Therefore, a greater number of washed units may be required to alleviate symptoms. These units have a hematocrit of 70% and have been depleted of www.goandgo.es 99% of the plasma proteins and http://www.revistadeteatro.com/overnight-levitra-generic 85% of the leukocytes. The residual potassium concentration is online ordering levitra 0.2 mEq/L. Other RBC metabolites are almost entirely removed. Washing also removes cytokines that cause febrile reactions. Saline washed RBCs must be used within 24 h after washing since the original collection bag has been entered, which breaks the only for you hermetic seal and increases the possibility of bacterial contamination. Removal of the anticoagulant-preservative solution also limits cell viability and function. Saline washed red blood cells have limited medical indications.

Indications for Saline Washed Blood Components

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