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Urine Culture

Urine cultures should be finalized at 24 hours, instead of 48 hours. In a recent study of urine cultures, all uropathogens including yeast were identified by 24 hours incubation. Cultures with growth at greater than 24 hours were contaminants only. This procedureal change results in improved turn-around-time and fewer contaminant results.

Specimen requirement is 5.0 mL of random urine from a clean, voided midstream urine collection, catheter, or suprapubic tap in a screw-capped, sterile container. The specimen may be refrigerated up to 24 hours is unable to forward immediately.

Reference value is no growth. If growth is >10 colony forming units per mL, bacteria is only identified. If growth is >100 colony forming units per mL, identification and susceptibility testing is done.

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